Amber – Tonka Bean – Incense

The rich, complicated aromas create a warm, intoxicating scent that promotes a good night’s rest and re-energizes the body.

Apple – Cinnamon – Musk

This delightful combination doesn’t just smell good, it can actually give your mood and mind a boost, making you feel energized.

Bergamot – Patchouli – Amber

Uplifting and sunny, this fragrance can lighten a heavy heart, lift stagnation and have a positive influence on the effects of depression.

Bergamot – Rose – Benzoin

Its perfume, with earthy balsamic undertones, promotes emotional balance, while it melts away blockages and opens up the heart.

Bitter Orange – Lavender – Patchouli

A soothing and emotionally-balancing olfactory blending, its antioxidant properties help relax both the mind and body.

Blackcurrant Leaves – Bulgarian Roses – Musk

Complex yet light, this is a delicately balanced scent with sweet, musky, woody notes dusted with a hint of floral bouquet. 

Cardamom – Sandalwood – Vanilla

This sophisticated olfactory assortment is ideal for meditation, providing feelings of mindfulness and deeper, clearer breathing.

Citrus Lemon – Rosemary – Musk

Calming and soothing, these pure and subtle fragrances are often referred to as liquid sunshine, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Lemongrass – Orange Blossom – Vetiver

At once uplifting and energizing, this fragrance fights negative feelings, eliminates mental fatigue and boosts confidence.

Oud – Rose – Musk

A scent unlike any other, it is distinctively irresistible with bittersweet, woody nuances that bring a romantic tenderness to the soul.

Peach – Lily of The Valley – Amber

This is our tribute scent, its sweet fruity notes have a soul-lifting effect that help you rekindle your fondest memories of a cherished loved one.

Pear – Freesia – Musk

The essence of these perfumes have an almost therapeutic effect, enhancing alertness while rekindling one’s love of beauty.

Pink Pepper – Incense – Musk

Spicy and nutty, with hints of earthy undertones, it delivers an uplifting and joyful impression that enhances peace of mind.

Raspberry – Jasmine – Musk

The combination of these floral and musky aromas help alleviate stress, encourage the body to unwind and are known to be an aphrodisiac.

Sandalwood – Incense – Vanilla

This sweet, soft scent promotes clarity and positive thinking, with a long-lasting bouquet that aids lucidity and concentration.

Verbena – Jasmin – Cedar

Recalling the vibrant scents of the vegetation it represents, it brings a deodorizing freshness that eases tension and aids insomnia.